Saltair Images
 by T. Rucker Dempsey

Christmas Cards

I began designing Christmas cards about 15 years ago.  I try to design a new card each year.  Each fall, friends and family start asking what will the new design be for the season.  It's quite a challenge to come up with something different each year, but I do my best.

  • each box of cards contains 10 cards and 10 envelopes
  • I will be happy to mix and match designs
  • I can personalize your cards for you for a small fee
  • I'm sorry that the images of my designs are not very good.  I'm not a photographer.  All of the cards, except the puppy one, are on soft white card stock with soft white envelopes. The puppy is on white card stock with white envelopes.
  • Christmas card price: $11.00* for a box of 10cards/10envelopes
    (*plus tax and shipping)
        Pelican                             Single Egret            Seagulls                         

             Happy Holidays                Faith, Hope & Love      .....and Happy New Year              

          Santa w/ Crab           Santa w/ Boat               Puppy w/ fishing reel
         May Your Christmas        ...and Happy New Year              ....and Happy New Year
          be Full of Surprises!
Pelican w/ Lighthouse  Santa w/ Dolphin         3 White Egrets
...and Happy New Year          May the heart of       May Your Holidays be Filled
                                              Christmas shine          with Faith, Hope, and Love
                                               brightly in your         
                                                 heart and in
                                                 your home.
Santa w/ Reindeer     2011 Hatteras Lite     2011 Hatteras lite w/ santa
May Your Christmas      May God Bless You This           Merry Christmas &
be Merry and Bright        Holiday Season                     Happy New Year

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