Saltair Images
 by T. Rucker Dempsey

Magnetic Bookmarks

If you've ever tried reading at the beach, you know how frustrating it is to try and keep your place with the winds constantly blowing your book closed.  My twin sister and I experimented until we came up with a bookmark that would stay in your book.  It clips around the page in your book and holds it securely with magnets.  Now the winds are still going to blow, and you'll probably drop your book but; hopefully, you'll be able to keep your place.

To make the bookmarks, I draw the image that I want and then reduce and print it to the correct size.  I then cut, laminate, add the magnets, and package each bookmark.

Bookmark Price: $7.00* each [all bookmarks are 2" x 4"]

(*plus tax and shipping)
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